Jonathan L. Jackson


Jonathan has been fighting for working people his entire life and now he's ready to bring that fight to Washington D.C. to represent the 1st congressional district of Illinois. Join our movement

Meet Jonathan L. Jackson

Jonathan L. Jackson wants to serve the people of the 1st congressional district and improve the quality of life for all. Jonathan wants to go to Congress to fight for comprehensive job training and higher wages; affordable housing and down payment assistance; improved public transportation; improved education at all levels and better access and more affordability in health care. Jonathan will work hard to expand daycare and child care and make it more affordable for everyone regardless of their ability to pay.

Jonathan is the middle son of the Reverend Jesse Jackson and Jacqueline Jackson. He’s a successful businessman who knows how to get things done. Jonathan will work with community groups to devise new and innovative approaches to reducing crime and gang activity. Jonathan will always maintain the highest standards of honesty and transparency and will meet every month at a different high school in the district to talk with voters about their concerns. Public service has always been a big part of Jonathan’s life and he will make constituent services a top priority.

This is a critical moment in America’s history. Our nation is at a crossroads. Our district and nation needs a proven leader who knows the landscape of the district, Washington DC, and the world. Help us continue the legacy by sending Jonathan to Congress.

Jonathan cannot do all these things without your help. Will you join this movement that already includes change-makers like Former Illinois Senate President Emil Jones Jr., Cook County Board Commissioner Stanley Moore, Deborah Cosey-Lane, Secretary-Treasurer of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 308 and many more by making a donation today?



Reducing Crime, Improving Public Safety and Getting the Guns off the Street
Improving Public Education

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