April 23, 2022

Jonathan Jackson Accepts Endorsement of Influential Ministers Group

At Discussion on His Platform to Stem Gun Violence in 1st Congressional District

“We stand with him because we are against the violence in our communities.”

(Chicago) A contingent of influential ministers from Chicago area churches collectively endorsed Jonathan Jackson, candidate for US Congress in the 1st Congressional District, during a breakfast meeting at St. John Missionary Baptist Church in the West Pullman neighborhood. A press conference was held as part of the meeting to announce the ministers’ endorsement of Jackson’s platform to abate gun violence and his candidacy for the 1st District congressional seat.

Photo 1 Jonathan Jackson (center), candidate for Congress, 1st Congressional District, presents his platform for reducing gun violence and receives the endorsement of ministers at breakfast meeting of Chicagoland clergy members. Pictured, left to right, are Rev. Rodney Patterson, Rev. A. Edward Davis, Dr. Donald L. Parson, Dr. Stephen Thurston, and Rev. J.D. Anderson. (Photos by Keith McDonald)

The minister’s meeting host committee included Rev. A. Edward Davis, Jr., St. John MB Church, Chicago, Dr. Donald L. Parson, Logos Baptist Assembly, Chicago, Rev. Rodney Patterson, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Chicago, Rev. Dr. Karen Walker-McClure, Chicago District, Christian, Methodist, Episcopal (CME) Church, Bishop Yolanda Hunt, Rehoboth Apostolic Worship Center, Chicago, and Rev. J.D. Anderson, Centennial Missionary Baptist Church, Chicago. Other ministers in attendance were Dr. Stephen Thurston, New Covenant MB Church, Chicago, Pastor Damian Epps, Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Chicago, and Bishop Tavis Grant, Greater First Baptist Church, East Chicago, IN, to name a few. Former Senator and Illinois Senate President Emil Jones also stood with the pastors in support of Jackson.

Emil Jones speaks at ministers’ meeting where Jonathan Jackson received endorsement of his candidacy and his platform on stemming gun violence in the communities of the 1st Congressional District.
Dr. Stephen Thurston congratulates Jackson on his run for office and plan to bring additional resources to the 1st District to improve public safety. (Photos by Keith McDonald)

Dr. Parson opened the press conference segment by highlighting the Jackson family’s tradition of making public service a priority. “So, Jonathan’s presence in this race is only reflective of the kind of family he comes from to begin with,” Dr. Parson said. “His own history and record clearly suggest that he is of the people. He is for the people, and his interests are what concerns those in our community, at every layer and every level.

“Every social and economic status of individuals will be reflected in what he feels and what he does,” Dr. Parson added.

“We also stand with him because we are against the violence in our communities,” Dr. Parson continued, noting the high and increasing incidents of shootings, violent robberies and carjackings in the area. With the vocalized agreement of the other ministers present, Parson expressed that a possible solution may be found through Jackson’s election to Congress. “I’m excited to say that we give our full endorsement to Jonathan Jackson for the Congressperson of the 1st District,” Dr. Parson stated.

Photos 4-5 – Dr. Donald Parson (left) and Bishop Yolanda Hunt (right) express their support for sending Jonathan Jackson to Congress for the 1st Congressional District. (Photos by Keith McDonald)

Jackson presented his platform on how he will strategically work at the congressional level to stem the gun violence that’s devastating communities in the Chicagoland area, which includes the 1st Congressional District.

“When you send me to Congress, I will work to affect change in the guns laws, gun legislation, and policies that will make our neighborhoods safer,” Jackson said before outlining his three-point platform.”

“We come here to partner with the faith community. We come here to partner with the judicial community. We come here to partner with the citizens that want safety,” Jackson said. “I am proud to receive this endorsement from these outstanding ministers. I thank God for them, and I appreciate your support.”